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Peter completed his Fine art studies as a master class student before starting his marketing career. Extensive experience in online marketing and e-commerce led to the founding of an innovative media agency, later he was an early stage pioneer in the development of software for increasing the interactions on social media platforms.

Already in his earliest youth, he was deeply attracted to ancient Far Eastern wisdom teachings and meditation practices and learned at various masters in Hanover, Munich and Koblenz the arts of Qi Gong and Tai Chi as well as ZEN meditation. He understands and teaches effective energy work as a sustainable basis for self-knowledge and the realization of important personal goals.

My Sessions

The Qi Gong Power Meditation – Your vital energy flow reloaded

Qi Gong as an old form of energy work with origins in ancient China can be practiced very effectively without any prior knowledge and based on few basic exercises. Simple movements performed very slowly and with full attention calm the mind and reactivate the own deep energy sources.