COO | R1 Business Solutions

Philipp is COO in the R1 group, a group of companies dedicated to changing peoples’ lives by helping
them expand their personal boundaries and infusing more life and purpose into their time on earth.
Inspired by their experience in the world of professional sports, they created a concept helping people
and organizations navigate through life in a rapidly changing environment, by translating the methods
and techniques used in professional athletics and breaking them down to suit the needs and demands of
non-professional athletes, people they call the “athletes of life”. The R1 group offers end-to-end coaching
and consultancy concepts for individuals as well as the corporate world, having worked with some of the
biggest corporations in Europe and helping leaders change, first themselves and then their teams and
Philipp, being a former professional American Football player, has a passion for movement in all shapes
and forms. Because of that, he has made it his mission in life to study the history of mass movements
and unleash the power of the masses in order to change the world to become a better place, a place
with more opportunities for personal growth, overall happiness and holistic health.

My Sessions

Outdoor Bootcamp: from movement to movement

In our early developmental stages, we start to move. First a finger or a hand, later jumping around playfully and engaging in rough-and-tumble play with friends or siblings. Movement is at the very core of our existence and the foundation for cognitive and personal growth. Maintaining or regaining that child- like sense of play and […]